Elevate Retail Partners

About Us

Being passionate about launching and growing hundreds of brands and thousands of items over our careers with our supplier network, Elevate Retail Partners focuses on long term strategies with the right connections to disrupt industries to grow your brand in a dynamic retail market place. 

Russell Boyle

CoFounder, Retail Leader, Merchant, 13 years in merchandising at Walmart (Sporting Goods, Home, Consumables, Dry Grocery, Frozen Foods). 2 1/2 Years in merchandising at Michaels (Celebrations, Food Crafting, Front End Impulse). Over the past 15+ years Russell has developed a real passion for bringing concepts and plans to life to exceed business goals and overdeliver on customer expectations!

Ryan bell

CoFounder, Sales Leader, Merchant, 11 years in merchandising at Walmart (Sporting Goods, Automotive, Dry Grocery, Dairy). 2 1/2 years as SVP of Sales and New Business Development at MJ Holding. Ryan is a data driven CPG brand expert with 15 years of developing, launching, selling and growing global brands. With his analytical mindset and passion for talent development he is the perfect match for suppliers looking to Elevate their existing brand or launch into the mass retail space.